I Love Boot Camp. I Hate F'n Boot Camp!

Boot camp - Round 2. Not the ideal first session today. My last meeting ran late so I didn't have time for dinner and then it rained the whole time. But at least there weren't any mosquitoes.

Have to admit, today's session was humbling. I was expecting to kick ass, on account of all the skating I've been doing, but not so. The cardio wasn't bad but my muscle strength is lacking. Ten minutes in I was checking my watch wondering when the punishment would be over. I was pleased with my initial measurements, though. I'm right where I left off last Fall. Maybe even a little better. Not bad after a semi-lazy Winter.

I only signed up for four weeks this time around so I don't want to miss a single one. Plus I'm going to do a third workout each week. Not the boot camp DVD, mind you. Probably more skating or biking.