Boot Camp - 4 Down, 4 To Go

Halfway through boot camp and it's still kicking my ass. This instructor is so much tougher than the one I had last Fall. And she uses more equipment, like medicine balls. And she makes us do waaaay more Plank. I can't wait for each session to end but I'm always proud of myself when I make it through.

Still, there are a lot of reasons to love Spring boot camp. The days are longer now than they were last Fall so I have a beautiful view of the sunset as I do my ab work. There are no mosquitoes and the lilacs are in full bloom so the park has never smelled better.

So now I just have to power through the last four sessions, and figure out some way to keep the fitness up over the long weekend at the cottage. Sadly, doesn't look like we'll be having biking or swimming weather at the beach.