So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Only three posts in the last three months. I didn't write about my trip to Chicago and seeing the Pixies. Nor did I blog about my attempt at the Couch to 5K program or my first cross country ski outing. I didn't even write a Year In Review post. This has me thinking that perhaps my blog has run its course.

Seems fitting to post this on my five year blogiversary. It's been a good run. 295 posts. That's an average of about one post per week. Not bad considering I took a break from it for four months to launch, and then retire, a different blog.

Over the last year my activity has shifted from this blog to Twitter. I like the immediacy of Twitter and I think that, in part, has contributed to my lack of interest in composing fully baked blog posts. And I'm still posting my travel and project photos to Flickr, mixing it up with all the other crafty nerds out there. So I'll definitely continue creating content in one form or another. I'm even toying with giving Tumblr another go.

For those of you who have followed my posts all these years (Matty, I'm looking at you), thanks. I may be in your hood tomorrow so I'll give you a call.

And with that, I raise a Mill St. Organic to you, fair Everything is a spoon. We had some times.

UPDATE: Check out my new thing.

UPDATE, AGAIN: Every time I think I'm going to shut this blog down, I just keep coming back. Maybe it's because I have so many years invested in it. Maybe it's because it was my first foray into social media (and we all keep a soft spot for our first, don't we?) Either way, I missed it. I'm back.