Obey Your Master!

Thanks to my awesome Roadie, I scored two passes to the Metallica show at the Air Canada Centre last night, and what a kick-ass show it was!

The stage was set up "in the round", with the drum kit in the middle and multiple mics on all sides. When my brother-in-law, Dave, and I entered from the backstage area we were on the floor facing the back of the drum kit. As a result, the crowd was sparse (everyone was on the other side) and we were able to stand about four people from the edge of the stage. Then, about a quarter of the way into the show, the drums rotated and we were right in front of the action. Just in time for One.

One isn't necessarily my favourite Metallica song but it is the first I ever heard. None of my friends were into metal back in the day so I didn't know who Metallica was until that video came out. When it was time for the One's guitar solo, Kirk Hammett was right in front of us. I mean, like, 15 feet in front of us. I could see every finger on every string playing every note and it was fucking amazing!

The rest of the show just as fucking amazing. There were lasers and fireballs and the guys worked the crowd so masterfully that even the ACC felt intimate. They obviously know what the audience came to hear and played a setlist that heavily favoured their earlier albums.

  1. That Was Just Your Life
  2. The End Of The Line
  3. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  4. Holier Than Thou
  5. One
  6. Broken, Beat And Scarred
  7. My Apocalypse
  8. Sad But True
  9. The Unforgiven
  10. The Judas Kiss
  11. The Day That Never Comes
  12. Master Of Puppets
  13. Blackened
  14. Nothing Else Matters
  15. Enter Sandman
  16. Die, Die My Darling (Misfits cover)
  17. Motorbreath
  18. Seek & Destroy

Now, all I want to listen to is Metallica. On a related note, want to know another thing that makes my Roadie so awesome? He has all Metallica's early albums on vinyl. Time to fire up the turntable!