Boot Camp - Week 6

This week was a bit weird. Monday's session was postponed because of Thanksgiving. Then I missed Wednesday's session because I was at the office until 10:30pm working on a new business presentation (we killed it). But I went for a run on Tuesday and to a make-up boot camp session this morning so I'm still on track. In fact, today I held Plank for two whole minutes! Yay for me! So I rewarded myself with a new pair of lululemon pants. I needed them. Honest. It was barely above freezing when I went to boot camp this morning. Way too cold for the cropped pants I was wearing.

I'm still determined to fit in a third workout so I think I'll pack my new pants when I fly to Calgary tomorrow (another new business presentation) and go for a run there. Provided there isn't any snow on the ground. I'm not THAT hardcore.