Bonne Nuit

This year I got an early start on Nuit Blanche and headed down to Liberty Village with my camera. The exhibits didn't blow me away. As always, it was the community that made it awesome. And this year I saw a different side of it - families with kids, older couples, sober people. Who knew?

The Apology Project was my favourite exhibit and the stand-out of Zone C. Though Fire and Sausage was suprisingly effective at setting the "urban disaster/catastrophe" tone. It seemed at almost every corner there was a group of people wrapped in emergency blankets around a bonfire patiently waiting for morsels of sausage and cups of hot chocolate. I wonder if the exhibit was as impactful (and orderly) later in the night, once the crowds descended.


I also noticed a number of attendees creating their own mobile exhibits involving costumes, instruments and bikes. I hope it catches on and there are more of them next time. It added to the participatory feeling of the night and made me think of events where the participants become the performers, like Burning Man.

Bike Lights

Finally, I loved seeing Nite Lite as I made my way back up Strachan towards home. It was like a giant Lite Brite beckoning me, so of course I had to go over and play.