What I Did For My Summer Vacation

Yesterday was the first day of school but, whatever, that means nothing to me. As far as I'm concerned there are still 10 days of Summer left. Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling the usual back-to-school blues. Then again, the blues are usually a result of Summer flying by before I have a chance to enjoy it. So maybe this year I'm not feeling melancholy because I had a real Summer for the first time in a long time. I'm talking out of the office at 5:00pm, weeknight beers on patios, camping, fishing, biking, jump in the lake, check out my tan lines, real for real Summer!

Looking back, there are very few items on my Summer list that didn't get checked off this year.

I went camping and fishing with my sister a few weeks before her wedding. We used to camp together on the Bruce Peninsula back when she was in high school but it had been years. At least this time we (meaning she) had better success with the fish.

Then there was the wedding itself. A four-day extravaganza at the beach with a whole mess of relatives from BC. The weather was perfect, big waves were crashing in the background, my little nephew stripped naked and ran into the lake during the ceremony and we had the giant fire to end all giant fires.

Mid-Summer was punctuated by a two week road trip to the East Coast including 8 days of camping, hiking and fishing around the Cabot Trail. Turns out all the nice Summer weather was holed up on Cape Breton. It was sunny and hot enough to swim in the ocean, meanwhile everyone in Toronto was in raincoats and rubber boots. And to top it off, we hit up Montreal on our way home. L'Express, Santropol, Beauty's, Copa, Biftek - that about sums it up.

Even after the big trip I managed to squeeze in another camping and fishing weekend with my Roadie (I'm on a boat!), a cottage weekend with my best friends and their new baby, popsicles and splash pools with my Benjamuffin, a kick-ass rock show (I love you, Kim!), mini donuts at the Ex and some backroad antiquing.

And it's not over yet. While everyone else is settling in to another year of homework and brown bag lunches, I'm gonna milk every last moment out of this Summer. Maybe if I work on my tan a bit more it'll last until Christmas.

View from The Markland in Dingwall