Douglas Coupland Is A Collector

Ever since I was a kid I liked to collect things. Often little things, like marbles, dice or hot wheels. The problem I have as an adult is that I want to display some of my collections but find it difficult to do so without making my home look cluttered and junky. Then I saw pictures of Douglas Coupland's new house.

Coupland is a collector too and has custom display areas built right into his home. Often symmetrical and on a white or black background, the displays appear as large-scale pieces of art rather than an assemblage of many tiny pieces. Decidedly un-junky.

Target Stack

Wall of Dice

Collection of Building Kit Pieces (far right)

Thread Organizer

"I collect shapes." - Coupland

For more pictures of Coupland's house, check out the slideshow at the New York Times site.

Incidentally, one of the building kits that Coupland has collected is a set from the 60s called Super City (pictured in the background of the third picture, above). I know my Grammy has an old set under one of the beds at her house and I'll be digging it out next time I visit.