Boot Camp - Week 4 (Kinda)

Okay, so it's not technically the end of Week 4 because I missed Monday (stupid cold) and am doing a make-up session tomorrow. Plus, now that I look at the calendar, the four weeks were really three because we started mid-week due to Labour Day. Regardless, today was the Week 4 weigh-in and I'm excited to post about my results.

Weight lost: 2lbs
Body fat lost: 2.3lbs
Lean muscle gained: 0.3lbs
Total inches lost: 3.25

Doesn't look that exciting, does it? But when I consider that I didn't change my eating habits and failed to squeeze in that third workout each week, it's not bad. However, if I want more significant results (and I do), I'll need to amp it up for the next four weeks. The good thing is, I feel stronger now and have more energy so I can push myself harder without running out of steam or hurting myself.

Let's see if I'm still feeling so positive tomorrow. Boot camp two days in a row. What was I thinking?