Boot Camp - Week 3

Got lucky with the weather this week and did not have to do boot camp in the rain. It was close - on Monday it only stopped raining an hour before my session - but I stayed dry. Man, the rain sure brought out the mosquitos though!

I'm definitely stronger now than when I started. How do I know? I held Plank for one full minute! Of course, it happened to be the session where our instructor bumped us up to two minutes of Plank (which I could not do), but whatever, one minute is still a milestone in my books. Other people seem to be noticing the effects of boot camp too as I have received some very flattering compliments in the past few days.

Still haven't done the recommended third work-out though. But this week I had a reasonable excuse. I caught the cold from hell. It's been a few days but I still feel like death warmed over and will probably skip tonight's boot camp session as a result. Looks like it may be cancelled anyway, if the weather report is to be believed. I hope so, because then there will be a make-up session on Saturday and I won't technically be skipping.