Boot Camp - Week 2

Completed my second week of boot camp and by the fourth session I was already starting to feel stronger. I can tell because my form has improved. I feel like I'm doing controlled moves rather than flailing around the park for an hour. Still can't hold Plank for a minute without breaking but the instructor assures me that everyone can do it by the end of the course. I may have also lost a pound or two. I'm not sure because I don't own a scale but I am feeling marginally less doughy.

So far, the best thing about boot camp is exercising outside. The cool evening breeze makes the cardio work bearable and I love staring up at the stars when it's time to do crunches. The occasional bat fly-by keeps things interesting too.

My love for the outdoors will be tested this week though. Today is the start of Week 3 and, if the forecast is correct, it'll be my first session in the rain.

I also need to squeeze in a third workout, as recommended for maximum results. I was going to go blading last Friday but flaked out. Chasing my nephew around all weekend has to be worth something though. Right?