Boot Camp - Week 1

I decided it's about time to get off my lazy ass and do something about these extra 10 pounds I've been bitching about so I signed up for an 8-week boot camp. It's twice a week at 8:00pm in the park across the street - late enough that work won't get in the way and convenient enough that I have absolutely no excuse to skip.

The first class wasn't too bad. Proper form is important so there were a lot of breaks in the action for instruction. I came away feeling like I was in better shape than I thought. Then a day or so later the soreness set in. Oh, how wrong I was! I entered the second session feeling much more humble, which was a good thing because it got a lot harder and I may not have made it through if I hadn't paced myself. Though that might have had something to do with the fact that it was a morning class (to make up for the holiday Monday) and I'm certainly not a morning person.

Biggest lesson learned so far... When exercising in the park at night, WEAR BUG SPRAY! Fucking mosquitos.

I mentioned my desire to lose a few pounds but that's not my sole motivation for doing this. That's good because everything I've read says that weight loss is not a sufficient long-term motivator. One needs to find other reasons for exercise if the ultimate goal is life-long health and fitness. So here are my reasons, in order of importance.

  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • Increased fitness and strength
  • Weight loss

The first two are the ones that I quickly forget when I'm going through a lazy phase. Then I start exercising again and am amazed at the almost immediate impact on my energy level and mental state. I saw a quote somewhere that sums it up, "Exercise doesn't take time, it makes time." So true, so true.