Archie, Noooooo!

The internets are abuzz with news of Archie's upcoming proposal to Veronica. After decades of indecision he's finally made up his mind, leaving loyal Betty out in the cold. My first reaction was, Noooo! How could he choose that spoiled bitch over girl-next-door Betty? But on second thought, Betty would be a subserviant and mind-numbingly boring wife. At least Veronica has some edge and would keep Archie on his toes. Then I realized that both girls are stupid for allowing themselves to be strung along by Archie for so long and I wish they would both dump him. Besides Reggie's way hotter and everyone knows Archie is secretly in love with Jughead.

So now you may be wondering, why do I care? And who the hell reads Archie anymore anyway? Well, I got back into the comics two summers ago. My boyfriend picked up a handfull of issues to take with us on a camping road trip out East. Awesome move! Nothing beats reading Archie comics while snuggled in a tent on a rainy afternoon. Except reading them aloud to one another ("It's Betty. She has an inflatable dinosaur.") Pure hilarity!

I'll be following the proposal storyline, as it just happens to coincide with another East coast camping trip. Gotta say, the fact that they announced Archie's choice so early has me suspicious. Could this be a set-up for a major plot twist? I'm crossing my fingers for a very special coming out of the closet issue.