iTouch Apps I'd Like To Have - Pt. 2

Balcony Gardener

It's the early days of Spring and I'm already looking forward to planting the containers on my little condo balcony. It crossed my mind that I could start some plants inside if I plan well enough in advance. But I don't really know the proper timing. Or how early you can move plants outside. And sometimes I need help just figuring out what plants have balcony potential because the gardening centres are geared more to yards. What I need is an app that would allow me to input the plants I want, or even help me select them, and then tell me when to plant, when to move outside and remind me when to water and fertilize. 

Canadian Tire should get on that and serve up ads from their weekly flyer with the reminders.


I've Always Been a Joiner said...

You know that you can order a kit from them and build your own app and if they use it you get some of the profits? Its true.

Oh and start tomatoes and transplantable herbs now. Bring outdoors post May 2-4.

Cheers! Nicole