iTouch Apps I'd Like to Have

I pretty much always have a laptop within arm's reach. So whenever I want to know something or do something, the first place I turn is the Interweb. But since I got it, I've found it easier to grab my iTouch than pull out the laptop. And often the information I'm looking for doesn't warrant a full website anyway. I frequently find myself searching for apps that aren't there. So I decided to keep track of all the iTouch/iPhone apps I wish existed.

AFI's Top 100

Tonight I was surfing channels and came across Mr. Smith Goes To Washington just as it was starting. I got sucked in and watched the whole thing. Awesome movie! As I was taking in its awesomeness, I recalled that it was on the American Film Institute's Top 100 Movies list. When the list was first released, and before there were all the spin-off lists (100 Laughs, 100 Movie Quotes), I had a photocopy of it and I crossed the movies off as I watched them. Don't know what happened to that list but after seeing Mr. Smith I felt like crossing it off. How perfect would it have been to have an app containing all the AFI's Top 100 lists with the ability to check them off and provide reviews? 

Somebody should get on that.