Establishing Good Habits

I'm surprised at how far I'd fallen out of the blogging habit. I really felt it writing the last few posts. But now it's all coming back and the ideas are flowing. And all it took was a couple of posts. So that got me thinking, if I could get myself into some sort of regular habit of twittering maybe the tweets would come more easily and I'd finally discover some real value in Twitter. Cause I gotta admit, I've been on Twitter for a while but it's still not doing it for me. On my last attempt to get into it, I subscribed to a bunch of social media types but the conversation just wasn't interesting to me. And anyone who tweets more than 10 times in a day is waaaay too chatty for me. So I un-followed about half the people on my list and added a couple new ones that are more relevant to me, personally (wilw and nerdist - thanks for the tip, regalbear). Now that I think of it, it's the same sort of housecleaning I did on my RSS Reader a while back. And I love reading my feeds now. Anyway, to the point... I'm going to attempt to post one tweet every day for the foreseeable future, just to see what will happen.