People Like Space Invaders, Too

My Space Invaders cross-stitch was featured on one of my favourite blogs, Sprite Stitch. It's the second in a video game series I'm working on. Sprite Stitch posted about the first one a while back.

I've also been joining groups and sharing more of my crafty projects on Flickr. It's always exciting to receive positive comments on my work, which in turn point me to inspirational work by like-minded crafters. I'm dying to post work-in-progress images of my current project but it's a gift and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Must be patient.


Cross Stitch For Free said...

I'm a fan of your Space Invaders stitch, I think I saw it in another blog (not Sprite Stitch, another favorite site of mine) and it brings back good memories for me :) Do you have any free charts that you would like to share? You can join our coming blog carnival; check out our main page and click on the Blog Carnival image to find out more about it. Looking forward to your many fun crafts projects.