I spent the afternoon at the Creativ Festival and was in crafty heaven. The quality of the exhibitors was excellent and I came home with a big bag of loot - quilt batting, cotton fabrics including the perfect grey background for a wall hanging I've been thinking about, beautiful wool felt, a triangle template, disappearing ink marking pen, bobbins for my Pfaff, emobroidery floss cards, glass-head pins and new sharps.

Crafty Loot

There was a super cute craft book I wanted as well but by the time I went back for it, it was already sold. Probably just as well because I would've ended up starting new projects instead of finishing the ones I already have on the go.

After watching numerous demonstrations, I also came home with a serious jones for a long arm quilting machine. Never mind that they cost upwards of $7,000 and take up an entire room. Maybe I should concentrate on actually finishing a quilt first. So far I have two in progress, two in planning and none on my bed.

Overall, I'd like to see the festival organizers adapt the class schedule to attract more young DIYers. Aside from one amigurumi session, I didn't see any new skool crafts. What I did see was a lot of traditional quilting, country cross-stitch and scrapbooking. How about some doodle stitching, a display of felt softies or a lecture by Jenny Hart? I noticed one or two cool looking crafty chicas in the crowd but otherwise it was dominated by grey hair. A more diverse mix would bring greater inspiration to everyone. Regardless, I'll be back next year. Should be due for another supply restock by then.