I'm Sick With The Foo

Woke up feeling sad this morning but couldn't figure out why. Then I realized it was because the Foo Fighters show was last night. And now it's over. I have a Foo hangover.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that last night was first time I saw the Foo Fighters play live. It was worth the wait. Dave Grohl is a fucking rock star! It was an outdoor show at Olympic Island but we had VIP passes, which meant we watched the show from risers at the side of the mosh pit. From our vantage point, it was like seeing them play a mid-size club. Saweeet!

The whole experience served to solidify my long-standing crush on Dave Grohl, thus the post-show let-down today. It wasn't just the intense rocking out, but also his awesome stage banter. I'd paraphrase, but could never do him justice. You'll just have to check it out for yourself...