Why Urban Living Does Not Kick Ass

It's rare that I say anything negative about living in the city. But lately, I have developed two very strong and very conflicting desires that have taken some of the shine off my fair Toronto:

  • I want to buy a house.
  • I want to live downtown.
  • Now, I'm no property virgin. I understand the realities of buying real estate in the city. I'm willing to invest some sweat equity and I don't want more space than I need - 1,200 square feet would be a palace by my standards. Plus, my wish list is relatively modest:

    • 2 bedrooms
    • 1.5 baths
    • 2 parking spaces, not necessarily covered
    • No major structural renovations required

    My dream would be to own a house in my current neighbourhood of Trinity-Bellwoods but I'm also looking at emerging areas like Parkdale, Dufferin Grove and The Junction. I'm even giving consideration to Mimico/New Toronto. The little brick bungalows in that area are super cute but the thought of commuting makes my stomach turn.

    So where does that put me? Average house price $544,000!

    Half a million dollars for a house. Even considering the equity in my condo, that's ridiculous. Good thing I love my little shoebox on the park. Looks like I could be living here for a long, long time.