Never Too Old For Punk

Went to see Lagwagon, one of my all-time favourite punk rawk bands, with my best friend last night. Jaded concert-goers that we are, we used the time shown on the ticket and the number of openers to calculate the optimal arrival time so we wouldn't have to stand around for too long. Upon arriving, we hit the bar and chilled in the back of the room with our beers as the kids bopped around to MXPX. We are so over mosh pits.

Then Lagwagon came on and it was as though they constructed their entire show for old, mid-30s punks like us. They drew heavily from Trashed - kicking things off with Island of Shame, confusing the kids with tracks like Coffee and Cigarettes, even choosing Know It All over setlist staple Bombs Away in the encore. When they played Falling Apart half-way through the show it felt like an inside joke that only we could truly understand.

Our back-of-the-bar cool quickly disolved into a beer-fueled blur of fist pumping, head banging and blazing air-guitar solos. We left sweaty and high on adrenaline. It was like being transported 10 years back in time. Except 10 years ago I wouldn't have woken up with such an evil hangover.