Mmm... Crab

I'm embarrassed to say this, because my friends will make fun of me, but today I went to T & T Supermarket for the first time ever.

I went to the new-ish Cherry St. location and was absolutely blown away. Fresh dim sum, sushi and BBQ made on the premises. An endless selection of asian pastries and frozen dumplings. An entire section of dried meats, including salmon jerky. And an incredible fresh fish counter with two large tanks of live dungeness crab - my most favouritest food in the entire world - at a mere $5.99/lb!

It was tempting to bring home a big crab (or two) for dinner but considering I had no idea how to cook and prepare a live crab, I resisted. Now, thanks to the good 'ol interweb, I know exactly what to do for next time. Turns out it's not so hard.

Until then, I'll enjoy my mango pudding, young coconut juice, shredded pork with garlic black bean sauce and local organic oyster mushrooms. Yummy!

How awesome is it that after 10 years in this city, I'm still uncovering new cultural and culinary experiences?