Crafternoons at Studio Nine Gallery

I am so excited. This weekend is the inaugural Crafternoon at Studio Nine Gallery, a new art space recently opened by my friends Ninette and Todd. Check it:

Looking to share your crafty knowledge?
Need some time to finish your projects? Join us for Crafternoons on the
3rd Sunday of every month, starting September 21!

Drop in for an afternoon of crafting,
socializing, and of course, tea and cookies! Access our extensive
library of craft and art resources, sewing machines, serger,
and beautiful studios.

Only $15 for 3 hours from 1:00-4:00pm
Pre-registration is required.
Become a member and
participate in an exhibition in the spring!

Ninette and I had a couple informal crafternoons last Winter and I'm thrilled that it spawned a regular program at the gallery. Maybe I'll actually finish some projects this year. It certainly promises to be more disciplined considering the gallery doesn't have a liquor license, so we'll be paying more attention to our crafts and less to our gin and tonics (the official drink of crafternoon).


Anonymous said...

Jill you are an inspiration. LOVELY! If only I was local. I have started an elder native women's wed afternoon art group ( with a therapeutic undertone so i get supplies funding for buckskins and beads and weaving). G&T's would certainly help. We are making pine needle baskets and moccasins today! miss you

and enjoy the making
love Rosebud -another rosebud creation