Why Urban Living Kicks Ass - Pt. 5: Winter Edition

Living downtown, huge snowstorms have very little impact on my day-to-day life. I live in a condo so there's no driveway to shovel. And my car rarely leaves the underground parking anyway, even when the weather is nice. So when the snow hits, all that's required is a good pair of boots.

During this weekend's heavy snowfall I managed to head across town for a crafternoon at a friend's house, go out for cajun catfish po' boys at lunch, take her dogs to the park, head to another friend's house for a birthday party and do a late night munchies run to the store before grabbing the streetcar back to the West end and bed.

So yeah, life is easy in the city during Winter. But am I missing out on anything? Not with a toboggan hill like this right across the street.

Tobogganing in Trinity Bellwoods