Sinfully Good Cookies

The other day, I received the following FlickrMail asking permission to use one of my photos.

I'm writing to ask permission to use your photo of Christmas Cookies on a green background (72682860) for a Bible study that I teach to about 20-25 women. I will give you credit, it is for non-commercial purposes and I will share alike. It is for a series called "What's Cookin' " and would be for the handout for the week about Christmas. Thank you, Jo Anne
It was nice of Jo Anne to ask. She didn't have to considering my Creative Commons license states that anyone is free to use my photos for non-commercial purposes provided they give me credit and maintain the share-alike designation. I said yes, of course. But not before pausing to wonder if Jo Anne would still want my photo if she knew I am an atheist.

Christmas Cookies