In Stitches

I've been going crazy for crafts lately. Looking back on some of my previous posts, it seems that I always get into a crafty mood at this time of year. Must have something to do with the weather. Why go outside in the cold and snow when I can stay in and stitch?

I'm a fickle crafter. I used to be super into jewlery-making and beads, then I got into paper, then softies, and these days I'm all about the needlework - quilting and embroidery. I have one quilt that I've been working away at for a couple years. It's at the hand-quilting stage, which is very tedious, so I keep dropping it in favour of other projects. A little while ago I started a second quilt. Almost done piecing the top and then I'm going to machine-quilt it. It'll probably be done before the first one. And then there the fun little embroidery projects that have no purpose whatsoever, except to make me happy.

Pac Man Cross Stitch

I created the pattern for this tiny pixel-perfect Pac Man cross-stitch from a screen shot of the original arcade game. Not sure what count the Aida cloth is but I had to separate my embroidery floss into single strands to work it. Lucky I didn't go blind.

Owl Pillow

This owl pillow started out as an Aunt Martha tea towel pattern. Just started it one day because I was bored and when I finished, I didn't know what to do with it so I grabbed some scraps and made a pillow. Kind of like a little soft picture in a frame.