2007: The Year In Review

Wasn't sure if I should write a Year In Review post for 2007, considering I abandoned this blog for more than half of it. But what the hell, here goes!

Looking back on my review of 2006, it seems that the past year wasn't signifcantly different. But it was significantly better and that's really saying something 'cause 2006 was pretty kick-ass to begin with.

2007 was the year I hit my stride at work.
My first year at the New Job was overwhelming. In retrospect, it's a wonder I got through it without developing a bleeding stomach ulcer. But then I hit year two and it began to feel natural - easy even. Now, I execute my responsibilities with confidence and feel like I have my finger on the pulse of the business. Here's hoping 2008 will be the year of The Promotion.

2007 was the year of new musical discoveries.
After two years of heavy music consumption, I started to get bored with my collection. So in 2007, I focused on discovering new bands. Luckily, Toronto was host to some amazing shows and I was able to see a few of my new discoveries play live. !!! rocked the house (make that houses - saw them twice). And Ladyhawk's The Dugout might be my new favourite song of all time (for now). But seeing Battles at Lee's Palace on my birthday, surrounded by my math-rock nerd brethren, literally blew my mind (I think a little bit leaked out of my ear). It was the highlight of the year. Unbelievable when you consider I also saw Stevie Wonder in 2007.

2007 was the year of health and fitness.
I biked. I bladed. I joined an ultimate frisbee league. I got a gym membership. I cooked healthy meals. I lost weight, gained muscle and ended the year in the best shape I've been since my university days. Yay, me!

2007 was the year of the new cottage.
It's finally done! For all the times I made fun of Mom and Dad and their endless floorplan revisions, their careful consideration really paid off. The layout naturally draws everyone together into a single open-concept living space. The only thing that will top Christmas at the new cottage will be Summer at the new cottage!

2007 was the year I fell in love again.
I have the most awesomest boyfriend in the whole wide world. Life with him is a non-stop, fun-filled adventure. I'm sad that he's back on the road but, honestly, I need the break. My cheeks were starting to hurt from the perma-grin that's been plastered on my face since last Spring.