Closer... Closer...

Haven't posted about the cottage construction in a while. And just look at how much has changed!


It has a roof and windows. It's starting to look like a real house. A real, really spectacular dream house on the beach.

According to the general contractor, it will be complete at the end of August. My parents, on the other hand, feel like mid-September is more realistic. Though, the deciding factor will be the selection of finishes. As construction progresses we quickly approach the point at which it could all come to a grinding halt if my mother is unable to make definitive decisions about flooring, tile, countertops and such. Then there's the furniture, fabrics and window coverings. So while there is a good chance we'll be in before Summer ends, there's an even better chance that we'll still be sitting on milk crates come Christmas.

Oooh, I am in so much trouble if Mom reads this!