Questing For Burgers

Take a look at my blogroll and note the new addition, Burger Quest - the tales of an ex-pat Texan searching the streets of Toronto for the burger of his youth. I don't even eat beef and yet I can't get enough of this blog. One line in particular ("Another Successful Social Interaction." - you'll see it) made me laugh so hard that beer almost came out of my nose. I write this from my office, about 15min after beer cart made it's Friday rounds. But I digress... Those of you familiar with my blogroll will already be acquainted with the Burger Quest author as he is also the brilliant literary mind behind Selections From Tron. If you don't read that one, get on it!

Kudos, AGP. Kudos on the new blog and godspeed on your noble quest.


A.G.P. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jill! Glad you're enjoying the Burger Quest. Stay tuned for more Burgery Goodness!