I Will Kick Your Ass At Rollercoasters!

Just back from Cedar Point, home to more rollercoasters than any other amusement park in the world. And man, did we ride us some coasters - 17 rides on 10 coasters over the course of 19 hours in the park. Here are the highlights.

Maverick - 3 rides
Cedar Point's newest coaster in only its third weekend of service. Features a 95 degree drop - that's steeper than vertical, people! With only three cars to a train, this one felt super fast, twisted and turned in unpredictable directions and ran smooth like butter. Tied with Millennium Force for our favourite and by far the most fun. We were laughing out loud as the train pulled back onto the platform. Expect this one to win a Golden Ticket Award for 2007.

Millennium Force - 4 rides
My favourite type of coaster - no inversions just an insane first drop (310ft) followed by a crazy fast ride with lots of air time and only a lap bar holding us down. We kept daring each other to raise our hands for the first hill but on the fourth ride we were still holding on for dear life as our car cleared the peak. If I ever become one of those coaster nerds who logs 1000 rides and has the t-shirt to show for it, this will be the one I do it on.
  • First closed circuit coaster to exceed 300 feet in height
  • First coaster to utilize an elevator cable lift system
  • Fourth tallest rollercoaster in the world
  • 2006 Golden Ticket Award Winner - Voted #2 in the Top Ten Steel Coasters
Magnum XL-200 - 1 ride
This one holds a special place in my heart. I rode it in 1989 with my dad when it was brand new and, at the time, the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world. I remember waiting in the hot sun for over two hours, screaming around the track in what felt like about 10 seconds and then being this close to getting right back into line to do it again (Mom wouldn't let us). Magnum is a bit of a rough ride now compared to Millennium but it still ranks high on my list.
  • First closed circuit coaster to exceed 200 feet in height
  • 2006 Golden Ticket Award Winner - Voted #3 in the Top Ten Steel Coasters
Top Thrill Dragster - 1 ride
Did I say Maverick felt super fast? What was I thinking? With an initial launch of 0-120mph in just under 4 seconds Top Thrill Dragster was so fast I thought my contact lenses were going to blow right out of my eyes! The only drawback was at that speed the 420ft height barely registered. I missed the anticipation of being dragged up a hill before the big drop. Still, one of the most thrilling rides in the park. It was worth the extra wait to get the front seats but with nothing to protect me, I ended up covered with squashed bugs!
  • First closed circuit coaster to exceed 400 feet in height
  • Second tallest rollercoaster in the world
  • Second fastest rollercoaster in the world
  • 2006 Golden Ticket Award Winner - Voted #10 in the Top Ten Steel Coasters
Mantis - 2 rides
This stand-up coaster with four inversions scrambled our brains. On the first big loop I could literally feel the blood rushing away from my head and into my feet. Makes all other stand-up coasters feel like kiddie rides in comparison.
  • First coaster to feature an inclined inversion
  • Third tallest vertical loop in the world
  • Third tallest stand-up rollercoaster in the world
Raptor - 2 rides
This one provided an ass-kicking start to our weekend. Just inside the park entrance, it was our first ride of the trip. Raptor is an inverted coaster (cars hang below the track, feet swing free) and at the time it was launched (1994) it was the world's tallest and fastest coaster of its kind. It comes to a rough stop just before the platform though. Ow, my head!
  • First inverted coaster with a "cobra-roll" element
Corkscrew - 1 ride
A 1976 classic. This one is short and sweet. And as much fun as it is to ride, it's almost more fun to watch. The track passes over a pedestrian walkway, so low you can almost reach out and touch it!
  • First coaster with three inversions
Millennium Force