I'm Back!

Back from where, you ask? Nowhere. I've been right here the whole time! But I have been so non-stop on-the-go for the last week it feels like I've been on a fabulous vacation. Let's see... I went to see Tapes n Tapes and Ladyhawk at Lee's Palace, ate Tibetan food, went blading on the Lakeshore, mixed fruity blender cocktails, watched Pick of Destiny (hilarious), went blading again, hung out in the park, played frisbee, cruised the shops on Queen West, went to an art opening at Magic Pony, ate Mexican food, back to Lee's for Holy Fuck! and !!!, went antiquing at Aberfoyle, went hiking in the Elora Gorge, ate the best chicken wings I have ever tasted in Fergus, watched Pan's Labrinth, thoroughly washed my car inside and out (it looks so hot), ate Thai food, played Ultimate and had a massage. Not bad for one week, eh?


Elora Gorge