My Next Car

Just got back from the Toronto Autoshow. So much eye candy! Not that I'm in the market (I love you, my little Mazda3 Sport!) but I think I have my next new car narrowed down to two choices.

It'll either be the new Dodge Challenger...


This picture doesn't even do it justice. The paint is much brighter orange and metallic in real life. And the black isn't paint, it's the exposed carbon fiber weave of the hood.

Or the Ford Shelby GT500...


Who knew I was so into American cars? Actually, I knew. Love the muscle cars. Must have been all the Dukes of Hazard I watched as a kid.

But that said, I also have a soft spot for the fine products of Bavarian Motor Works. So maybe I'll break my piggy bank and go for the BMW Alpina B7...


Hoo, baby!


Tyra Shortino said...

Most people love going to car shows! And if I were to choose the most stunning among these cars, I'd pick the first and the third one. BTW, did you buy a car already?