In Da Club

Four straight nights of partying in Vegas (though does it really count as four, when you only hit your bed for three of them?) and we returned in one piece. Barely. One more night would have killed us, for sure.

So, the highlights... Makeovers and pedicures. Breakfasts at Barbary Coast (of course). Learning Australian slang (thunderbox, budgie smuggler). Blueberry, grape and pomegranate vodka. Meeting the Forty Deuce girls. Laughing at the morning joggers on our way back from the club. Drai's. Drai's again. Being walked past lines by James and his friends - where were they when we needed them at the airport?

We suffered minor injuries from cracking many spiny crab legs, but only feared for our lives twice. Once when Fiddy's entourage flooded into the VIP at Jet and again waiting in line for the Ladies Room at OPM (the only club we went to with a metal detector).