I Love What I Do

Thanks for the link, Collin.


Mat-E said...

As Keanu Reeves said (too many times)..."Whoa!". This clip makes "Web 2.0" sound alot like the philisophical background for the film The Matrix, don't it? As you know, I am squarely on the fence on this one. Mat-E's 3 postulates on Web 2.0:
1.People need to never forget that there was a way of life before the internet, and it was quite pleasurable, delivering satisfactions and achievements that the internet can never deliver.
2. Jilly is an internet nerd.
2A. Jilly has discovered that the internet is extremely cool way to get a lot of extremely important things done, and has convinced me (despite 1. above) of its rightful and powerful place in our culture.
3. I am thankful I have Jilly to interpret for me as I try to get the best out of old-fashioned and forward-thinking at the same time. I'd be screwed without her!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome clip.... I love innovation!