Coffee And Cigarettes

"A coffee without cigarette sounds to me, ridiculous."

That's a quote from a tres chic Parisienne woman in a CBC News segment about the controversial smoking ban in France. They're trying to ban smoking in public places like subway stations and hospitals. The gall!

I fucking LOVE French women - so beautiful, so thin, so rude as they drink their wine and wear their fur and blow smoke in people's faces. Could they be more fabulous? I think not.


Mat-E said...

I second both those motions - Jilly's and the french woman's. Despite smoking only very occasionally at this point, I will never tell someone I dream of quitting 100% forever; for me, this would also mean never again eating a gourmet meal with a fine Italian red, and topping it off with a nice Islay scotch. Impossible!

"A single malt without cigarette sounds to me, ridiculous!"