Gillian: Unplugged

Being without my laptop is impacting my lifestyle more than I had expected. Consider that I don't have cable TV, a DVD player or even a CD player. The majority of my entertainment is either downloaded, streamed or ripped. So now I'm left with just my iPod and DS Lite (and whatever computer time I can borrow from friends, family and work). I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I actually started reading a book!

On the plus side, I am loving the video games these days. Matty came over on Friday night with his shiny new DS Lite and we played wireless battle Tetris until 2:00am. There was more trash talk than a three-on-three streetball tournament. I took him to school!


Mat-E said...

It was totally unfair - I only found out halfway through the battle you could drop pieces PC-Tetris-style (i.e. immediately drop from the top of the screen instead of manually accelerating the piece by pressing down on the d-pad). I may be a little rusty, but I'm coming for you, Ross.

Gillian said...