[insert lengthy string of expletives here]

I am such an idiot. I spilled soup on my laptop.

So, don't expect to hear much from me over the next week or two as HP takes my baby apart, salvages any components that aren't completely saturated in tomato soup and uses them to build a new laptop. Cross your fingers for me and hope it comes back, hard-drive intact, complete with two year's worth of digital photos and about 30gb of music files.


Mat-E said...

Unless your laptop was completely immersed and soaked in soup for a few minutes, your hard drive should be fine. BTW, managed to find a white DS-Lite at Future shop here in Newmarket. It was worth the effort...it really is way better than the DS. And I really do still suck at Super Mario.

Gillian said...

Yes, DS Lite! Head to head Tetris, Matty. It's ON!

Ted Demopoulos said...

So sorry! - I once had a Port wine incident (Graham 1985 if you must know!). Fortunately it only killed a keyboard, not my precious laptop.