Inside Out

Remeber Inside Out? Classic PBS series from the 70s. I completely forgot about it until I came across a few episodes on YouTube recently. Takes me right back to my childhood. Especially this episode, considering the better part of my youth was spent constructing forts in the woods and inventing secret clubs for the sole purpose of excluding others (specifically, my little sisters). I'm sure a few of my faithful readers (the aforementioned sisters, mainly) will remember the Big Kids Club.


Erin said...

Um, I think you mean SISTER. I don't think Kelly was old enough to get the insult. It was only me that suffered from the arbitrary rules of the big kids club and it's stupid ever-changing age requirement. And you smashed a spider on my favourite shovel so I could never use it again. And you threw dead worms at me. And you tricked me into giving you all the chocolates out of my advent calendar.... :)