Oh fair readers, I have been a bad blogger lately. A week and a half with no posts. Unacceptable. I don't really have a sufficient excuse either. It's not like I've been busy with holiday activities. I'm totally anti-Christmas this year - no decorations, no baking, no crafts. I'm pretty much just skipping the whole thing in favour of sun and adventure in Costa Rica. And the chances of me posting again before I leave (painfully early) on Saturday are slim. Too many things to do and people to see before then.

So, see ya'll on the 28th! Unless I fall in love with some cute Tico surfer and spend the rest of my days lounging on the beach in central america being waited on hand and foot by a team of trained monkey butlers.


Mat-E said...

Come on Jill...Your priorities are all screwed up! Less dating, more blogging. Have fun in Costa Rica - I leave for Boston the day you get back.