Game On!


It's been years since I've played video games. My gaming pretty much peaked back in the day with the Super NES. Sure, I've played my share of PlayStation but I'd usually end up frustrated once I hit a level that I couldn't pass and was unwilling to invest the carpal-tunnel inducing hours required to solve it. Eventually, the frustration caused me to give up gaming altogether and since then the systems have so far surpassed my ability that I don't even care to try.

Then along comes the little DS Lite. It's super cute (especially in coral pink), has a library of games from old-school adventures to adult-targeted brainteasers and is made for people JUST LIKE ME. Seriously. Nintendo decided that, rather than fight for a finite group of hardcore gamers, they would expand their market to older consumers who had either given up gaming or never played in the first place.

And it has TETRIS.

I want one!


Mat-E said...

Tetris = best video game ever.

Gillian said...

So true, Matty, so true.

I haven't added an update yet, cause I've been kinda busy, but I totally bought a DS Lite the day I posted this. Could not resist the pull of portable video game action in a pretty pink package. And it did not disappoint. My DS Lite is my new best friend (next to you, of course).