Early Arrival

This certainly wasn't a typical Thanksgiving weekend for my family. Little baby Coen (or maybe Ben? It's not 100% decided yet) took us all by surprize by arriving early. Born at 11:19am this morning and weighing 7lbs 10oz, both he and mommy are strong and healthy, tired but happy.

He looks like Mark but with Erin's nose and has to be the most perfect and cute little baby the world has ever seen.

Here's the first of many photos to come.

Baby Coen/Ben
10 hours old.


stephf76 said...

congrats auntie g!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Auntie Jill
Congrats to you and all. Big hugs
Love ya

Matt said...

Congrats to you and the rest of your family Gillian - that is fantastic news. Auntie is a badge of honor. I'm sure you will wear it proudly and spoil the heck out of your nephew.