Christian Tea Sandwiches

Kelly and I hosted a baby shower for our other sister, Erin, today. In preparation, I had searched the web for some recipes. I remembered having these carrot and cream cheese sandwiches at another shower so I googled "carrot tea sandwich recipe" and ended up at a christian web site called Ladies Against Feminism. Now, anyone who reads this blog will understand that LAF stands against everything I believe in (but that's a rant for another time). However, their recipe wasn't bad so I used it with some slight modifications.

I have to say that it gave me a great deal of smug satisfaction to serve those little christian tea sandwiches to my sister and her feminist friends. And I'm not just talking about any old feminists here - Erin and her friends are all graduate students of Psychology, many of them specializing in issues related to women. We're talking about some of this country's brightest feminist researchers. They too thought it was hilarious when I told them of the source of the recipe. And now they all go home, nourished and ready to fight the good fight for another day. Take that Ladies Against Feminism. I have used your own tea sandwiches against you!