Bring Back Maniac Mansion

Does anyone remember a show from YTV called Maniac Mansion? It was, in my humble opinion, one of the most brillantly funny and underrated Canadian television show ever made. It starred Joe Flaherty of SCTV fame and an up-and-coming, pre-90210 Kathleen Robertson. Unfortunately, it has never been available on either video or DVD.

And if I sound like a fan, you should hear my sister. For years, she has been searching for copies of the show and now someone has started an online petition to release the series on DVD. You will make Kelly a very happy girl if you would click on this link and add your name to the list.

Perhaps the collective power of my legions of fans (I think I'm up to about 10 regular readers now) will be the deciding factor. Thank you all!


santo norteno said...

that is soooo funny. My brother and I were just having this same conversation a couple of days ago in light of "hillarious house of frightenstein" being back on the air... the uncle who played the fly was also famous for SCTV characters such as Happy Marsden. Can't wait to watch the video!