No new photos of Benjamuffin this week. Erin and Mark took him to the cottage and I'm suffering baby withdrawal as a result. But hopefully I'll get to see him when they're back in T.O. tomorrow.

A whole week has gone by since my last post so you'd think I'd have a lot to say but I don't. Seems to be the case when I'm working a lot. Doesn't leave any time or energy for my thoughts to wander and I end up uninspired when it comes to writing new posts.

Today is just a regular old Sunday, hanging around doing laundry and stuff. I have some work to do - a brief that I really need to write for tomorrow. But I'm up against an entire apartment full of digital distraction. My iPod, laptop and DS Lite are all tempting me with time-wasting fun and games. Then there's my comfy couch which is soooo good for napping.

Mmmm, nap. I think we have a winner.