Music Day

Today was music day. It started with brunch - bacon and eggs at a classic Toronto diner where they played everything from Rush to jazz. This was followed a five hour fiesta of music piracy at my best friend's house. I ripped CDs on my laptop (stealing his neighbour's unsecured wireless to access the CDDB) while we simultaneously swapped files back and forth on a flash drive. Six hundred new tracks later, the afternoon segued into an impromtu dinner party and Matty's iPod shuffled through the entire meal playing the most perfect and improbable string of tunes. The intense rocking out almost distracted from Saira's incredible home cooking, almost. Afterwards, we all went our separate ways and Matty and I ended up at my favourite neighbourhood bar where he composed a seven-song set on the jukebox so finely attuned to the scene that other patrons couldn't help but comment on his keen sense for the mix. Now, I'm at home, kinda drunk, blogging and wondering how I'll ever find the time to explore my expanded music library. Not a bad problem to have.


Mat-E said...

What number/600 are you at?

Gillian said...

I've barely started. Spun through some classic Archers and Superchunk. Checked out Moods for Moderns and Calexico. Then I started working on a new mix - Punk Rawk Roadtrip - for my upcoming trip, and yours. It's gonna blow the doors off your new Jetta on the way to homecoming!