iTunes Is Freaking Me Out

Sometimes iTunes is so smart it's spooky. I'm sitting at home, doing a little work on my laptop, listening to my "Alternative" music on shuffle. That's 2,170 tracks so the potential randomization is significant. The Get Up Kids' cover of Alec Eiffel just played (not a bad song considering my tolerance for Pixies covers is relatively low) and then it was immediately followed by the Pixies' The Sad Punk - the very next song from Trompe Le Monde!! What are the chances of those two songs playing together like that?

Actually, if my recollection of high-school statistics is correct, the chances are exactly 1 in 4,706,730.

Yes, I am a super nerd.

Incidentally, iTunes is loving the Pixies right now. It's played 25% Pixies so far tonight even though they make up only 6.3% of my Alternative tracks.