Christmas In July

A new nail shop opened in my neighbourhood recently so this evening I went for their $30 mani/pedi summer special. After years of doing my own toes - and doing a piss poor job of it, I might add - this summer I decided that pedicures are where it's at. Don't usually go for the manicure as well considering I'm always being crafty with my hands, but I couldn't pass up the awesome combo deal. But I digress...

Like most low-priced nail shops, this place was short on atmosphere. There were a few minor attempts at spa-like ambiance though - some potted plants, a scented oil diffuser, an ornate gold mirror on the wall and the adult contemporary stylings of Kenny G emanating from the stereo. However on closer listening, I realized that they were actually playing a Kenny G Christmas album! And none of the estheticians (all Korean) were aware of the festive mood they had created. So I had my toes done to "What Child Is This?", my nails painted to "Silent Night" and "Auld Lang Syne" played as I exited into the summer heat.

Nails look great though.