West Coast Travelogue

Week before last, the Ross Family departed on a trip to the West Coast to attend our cousin's wedding. It was the first vacation we had taken as a family in about 10 years. So what did my parents do? They deserted us in coach while they travelled in style up in first class. At least they were considerate enough to have the flight attendant bring a couple mimosas back for us.


In Victoria, we had a half-day to do some sight-seeing so we looked for the absolute tackiest tourist attractions we could find, which turned out to be the Bug Zoo...

My New Pet

...and Miniature World.

Miniature Sideshow

En route to Tofino, we took a break and hiked among the 800-year-old trees in Cathedral Grove.

Small Woman, Giant Tree

Tofino was breathtaking. It was raining when we arrived but cleared up the next day for Corinne and Kent's wedding on the beach.

First Dance

The rest of our time in Tofino was spent, eating, drinking, hiking, surfing, exploring tide pools and watching sunsets.

Tofino Sunset

Then I continued on to Vancouver to visit friends and family. The weather was exceptionally beautiful - it only rained one day. I spent a lot of time walking around but not too much sight-seeing so I didn't take many pictures. It was more about connecting with the people I love. It's alway amazing to spend time with my West Coast family.

Also reconnected with some good friends - one I see any time I'm in Vancouver, one I hadn't seen in 10 years and one total surprise (didn't even know he was living out there). All three were friends I used to hang with on an almost daily basis in times past. It was incredible to spend time with each of them but it left me feeling a bit sad because now I miss them more than ever.

When it was finally time to go I felt like I'd had two vacations, which made me good and ready to get back to T.O. Not so ready to go back to work though. It's always better on holiday.

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