Show Of The Summer

I'm declaring the J Mascis/Feist/Bloc Party/Broken Social Scene concert The Show of the Summer. That's pretty bold, considering summer is technically only five days old, but yesterday's combination of kick-ass music, spectacular venue and ridiculously perfect weather was unbeatable.

We arrived at the beginning of the J Mascis set. Sitting on the grass, enjoying the sun and listening to old Dino Jr. tunes took me right back to the last time I saw J Mascis... sitting on the grass, enjoying the sun and listening to Dino Jr. at Lollapalooza in 1993. It was an interesting sort of deja vu and it made me feel happy. And really, what's better than a J Mascis guitar solo? Not much, I tell you. The highlight of the day, though, was when J joined Broken Social Scene on stage for some serious rocking out during Almost Crimes.

But it wasn't just the music that made the day great. I was there with some new friends, all super cool people. Plus, ran into some old friends and people from work. Much frisbee was played followed by endless people watching (with running commentary). All of it surrounded by trees, water and a postcard view of the Toronto skyline.

Not bad for the first weekend of the season.

Toronto Skyline

Broken Social Scene