Good To Be Home

A post about my vacation is in the works but in the meantime I have to express how good it feels to be home. I missed my city. Vancouver is fun and beautiful but after a while all its clean outdoorsy wholesomeness starts to weird me out. I needed to get back to my hood. And today was just so perfectly Toronto...

Started by cruising the Queen West gallery strip en route to my sister's place. The bar at the end of her street had moved a couple big screens outside and a sizable crowd was gathered to watch the World Cup. It was perfect patio weather so we headed over to the Cadillac Lounge for pints with all the Parkdale punks. Caddy gets a big thumbs up on the nachos. Yum! Then we walked around the block to look at a couple lofts for sale (Kelly's in the market). Around that time we heard a wave of cheers, car horns and sirens rise just to the north of us. Portugal won the soccer game. So after dropping Kelly back at home, I walked back to my place via Dundas St. It was insane - people flooding out of bars and into the streets, bumper to bumper honking cars full of flag waving soccer fans. There was only one quiet spot, just west of Ossington where someone had been stabbed at the KFC. No fatalities but cops everywhere. Didn't do much to dampen the festivities though. As I approached Trinity Bellwoods I realized the other reason for the insanity - it's Portugal Day, the annual cultural festival in the Park. There was a full-on fair with rides, games, a beer tent and two huge music stages. Elsewhere in the park, there was some sort of drag queen picnic going on and a group of guys were practicing walking on a tightrope strung between two trees.

As I said... feels damn good to be home.


Mat-E said...

Welcome back, Jilly. Since you've left, I've done absolutely nothing but work. Every single day. 14-16 hours per day. So you didn't miss anything on my end!